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The Simon's Selection Hamper

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The Gault’s Deli SIMON’S SELECTION HAMPER is crammed full of some of Simon’s favourite products! This hamper is the perfect gift for the lover of fine foods, friends, family and life!


1 x JK14 Ombra De Vin Prosecco – 750ml.  From Sir John Kirwan and his dear Italian friends comes this classic version of the Doc Prosecco. The Bortolomiol brothers from Valdobbiadene, in the province of Treviso, have poured their passion into creating this sparkling wine. It is the ideal companion for every moment, immediate in its aromatic hints and authentic in its cleanliness.

1 x Santagata Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250ml. Santagata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained exclusively through the cold pressing of perfect quality, mature olives, and simply filtered, thereby preserving all its nutritional properties. In accordance with the most authentic Italian tradition, Santagata extra virgin olive oil has a fresh and grassy aroma and a balanced, simple and natural taste.

1 x Malpighi Saffron Balsamic – 100ml. The best selection of saffron is infused with our Malpighi white balsamic condiment, to obtain a very perfumed condiment, characterised by a very intense and aromatic taste.  Saffron Balsamic Vinegar is aged for 8 years in small wooden barrels this dressing is suitable for all types of vegetables: grilled, cooked and fresh, on roast-meat and game, rice and first courses.

1 x Mi&Cu Gourmet Almond and Coffee Chocolates – 80g. Mediterranean caramelised almonds coated in 70% dark chocolate, flavoured with coffee and covered in cocoa powder. Produced in Spain.

1 x Royale Rabitos Bonbon Figs – 8 pack.  One of our signature products, these figs, from the Extremadura region in Spain, are filled with a rich chocolate ganache and hand dipped in chocolate. Each fig is then wrapped individually in a foil pack to retain flavour and freshness.

1 x Murray River Salt Flakes – 150g. Murray River Salt Flakes are produced using the pristine mineralised brines from ancient saline aquifers of the Murray Darling Basin. The stunning pale pink hue of the salt flakes is a result of the mineralised brines which are particularly high in magnesium and calcium.

1 x Pukara Estate Roast Mushroom and Olive Relish – 170g. A good way to convert non olive eaters. This rich, delicious relish is great with pastas, sandwiches or grilled meats. (Contains cheese)

1 x Pukara Estate Caramelised Onion Jam – 330g. Sweet, sour and sticky onion jam is perfect accompaniment to your favourite dish. This versatile savoury jam is deliciously addictive. Made using the best quality ingredients available.

1 x Pukara Estate Dukkah – 100g. Amazing with your favourite Extra Virgin Oil and crusty bread. So many uses, this Pukara Estate Dukkah will soon become a pantry staple in your home!

1 x Mister K Gourmet Krackers – 120g. Handcrafted in Taranaki in Mister K’s Kitchen, these gourmet low carb, tasty four seed krackers will instantly see you going back for more. Enriched with plant-based superfoods, they provide a powerful punch of vitamins, minerals and fats to achieve optimum gut health. These original krackers also supply a high source of protein and essential dietary fibre. Gluten free, no diary, keto, paleo and vegan friendly.

1 x Pukara Estate Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar – 250ml. Pukara Estate Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar is deliciously thick and rich, our caramelised balsamic vinegar is great over any dish. Perfect as a dressing with our extra virgin olive oils or dripped with crusty breads. Try in salad dressing or over poached pears for deserts. Use in a marinade or drizzle over lamb.

1 x Village Green Manuka Honey Mustard – 200g.cA mustard enriched with the celebrated Manuka Honey, perfect with any savoury food.  Gluten Free from Village Green in Nelson, NZ.

1 x Cipolline Onions – 385ml jar. Baby onions of Boretto cooked in a sweet and sour sauce made with balsamic vinegar. Ideal as an hors d’oeuvre or a side dish for cutlets, poached or grilled meat, or seafood. Excellent either warm or cold.  Use the juice as a lovely salad dressing or to roast vegetables.

1 x Large Black Hamper Box, black tissue paper and Ribbon


The SIMON'S SELECTION hamper comes presented in a quality black hamper box with a black satin ribbon branded with our Gault's Deli logo in white.

Please note: Sometimes we are out of stock of items listed and will replace with a similar product