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Espresso Martini

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Makes 6 - 8 Cocktails

Now here’s a decadent treat that’s smooth and sweet with a hint of finest New Zealand chocolate and the delight of espresso fizz. A well-made Espresso Martini like Gault’s is lightly bitter, balanced sweetly, beautifully frothy and a superb pick-me-up.Gault’s Espresso Martini contains handcrafted New Zealand Blue Duck vodka, Kahlúa, the finest espresso coffee, Hexton Tāwari raw honey and a hint of Solomon's Gold chocolate. How delightful is that?

Simon says: “Our Espresso Martini is a strong pick-me-up - slightly sweet, rich, smooth, and wickedly delicious - espresso coffee, liqueur, and dessert all in one; perfect before or after dinner, sipping on the deck or by the fire.”

Kit includes:

  1. Espresso Martini Cocktail mix (500ml)
  2. Espresso Fizz
  3. Espresso Syrup
  4. Instruction card

Watch how to make an Espresso Martini here


  1. Pour espresso syrup into a saucer and espresso fizz into another
  2. Dip an ice-cold espresso martini glass rim into the syrup and then into the fizz
  3. Shake Espresso Martini Cocktail mix before pouring into shaker along with plenty of ice
  4. Shake for 20-30 seconds – to achieve the all-important crema
  5. Strain into rimmed cocktail glass and enjoy!

Refrigerate your bottle of Espresso Martini and espresso syrup when you receive them and consume by the best-before date.