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Passionfruit Mojito Kit (1L)

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Each kit makes 8 x cocktails (1L)

Our twist on a mojito – including Ecuadorian passionfruit and bursting with minty freshness.

We’ve sourced a unique variety of yellow Ecuadorian passionfruit – Flavicarpa, typically from the province of Esmeraldaz on the north-west coast of Ecuador. Rather than sugar it uses Nothing Naughty’s fibre syrup – made from 100% tapioca. 

This cocktail is incredibly refreshing.

4 Wheels of Health metabolic nutritionist and epigenetic coach Sean Robertson Says: “As far as cocktails go, this is about as guilt free fun as you can get.”

Kit includes:

  • 1L Gault’s Passionfruit Mojito mix
  • Fresh mint leaves (Auckland only)
  • Fresh lemon
  • 2 x 500ml East Imperial soda water
  • Instruction card

Skinny Passionfruit Mojito

  1. Clap 10-12 mint leaves in your hands to wake them up then place into a tall chilled glass
  2. Cut a lime wedge in 3 pieces and gently muddle with the mint leaves
  3. Place giant ice cubes into chilled glass, then pour in 110ml of Skinny Passion fruit Mojito Cocktail mix
  4. Top with chilled soda water and stir, garnish with a sprig of mint and enjoy!