Strawberry Daiquiri 200ml

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We have included all the booze in our cocktail mix along with a delicious plum powder for rimming your glass, and berry and rhubarb clouds for popping on top of your daiquiri – all you bring to the party is ice and glasses. Our instruction card provides easy versions of both frozen and shaken daiquiris that can be served up in just moments, so you can pick whichever suits your preferences. The rosy glow comes from extraordinary Moroccan strawberries that add a sweet bite to this delicious white-rum cocktail, along with a hint of tart from incredible New Zealand limes. You’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island getaway with our summery Strawberry Daiquiri.

Simon says…
“A refreshing cocktail with a strawberry twist and incredible Magic Berry Clouds, you can enjoy my Strawberry Daiquiri over happy hour, for an afternoon on the patio, lounging next to the pool, or while smelling the charcoal at your next BBQ party. Warning: can be dangerously easy to drink!”

Watch how to make a strawberry daiquiri