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The Churchill High-Rye Bourbon (750ml)

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The Churchill is a truly special, genuine high-rye bourbon that’s been crafted following time-honoured traditions. Distilled in Lawrenceburg by world-renowned distiller MGP of Indiana, The Churchill has been aged for six years in well-travelled, heavily charred American oak barrels then small-batch blended and bottled (unfiltered) at cask strength.


At Gault’s Cocktails we believe The Churchill is one of the very best high-rye bourbons available. Perfect served on the rocks, or even better, for making our exceptional and authentic Old Fashioned cocktail—either way, we’re very confident you’ll agree it’s an exceptional product.


Without doubt, an Old Fashioned is revered as one of the most iconic and classic drinks in the world. Dating back to the early 1800s, it is one of the oldest cocktails of all time– fitting, after all, for a drink that is named ‘Old Fashioned’. (A bottle of the Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup can be purchased separately for $24.99 or in a twin pack with the Churchill High-Rye Bourbon for $110 to create Simon's Old Fashioned Cocktail).


How to Make an Old Fashioned cocktail

  1. Pour 25ml Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup into a chilled rocks glass.
  2. Add 1 large ice cube (or use 4 smaller cubes).
  3. Tip 40ml The Churchill High-Rye Bourbon over the ice.
  4. Gently stir to combine.
  5. Using a vegetable peeler, shave off a piece of orange peel and run it around the rim of the glass. Squeeze the orange peel over the drink to release the oils, then drop it into the glass and serve.


Simon says…

My reckoning is a stirred drink is not dissimilar to a vinaigrette—you must mix until you’ve combined everything just right so there’s a perfect balance of all ingredients. Gently stir your Old Fashioned with ice, being sure you don't let the ice melt so much that it makes the drink watery.